BIM World is certainly the biggest meeting place for construction professionals from all trades. As well as showcasing new technology, it is also an opportunity to refocus on BIM and its many benefits. 

From design to operation, digital continuity is a real challenge for players in the sector. Indeed, too often, digital models are restricted to a specific phase which requires the production of new BIM models during the previous and subsequent stages, leading to potential losses of information between the different deliverables. This risk of loss is further accentuated when stakeholders use different software to update and consult models. Aware of this problem, Kairnial wanted to develop a platform accessible to all stakeholders and throughout the life cycle of assets in order to facilitate the transmission of information and collaboration between all the trades.  

A controlled and enriched design 

The design phases are above all exchange phases. Projects are constantly reviewed and require a lot of feedback between the different parties (architect, technical design office, project owner, etc.). One of the main difficulties is then to maintain a common reference system, that is to say, have the same information on each of the construction elements of an asset. In order to meet this first challenge, the Kairnial BIM platform gives teams access to the latest version of the BIM model. Project stakeholders can in fact consult and work on the same model. Then, BIM templates can be updated directly from Revit using the Kairnial plugin. The enrichment of the model is also a crucial aspect to benefit from the performance of BIM. With the Kairnial app, anyone can add additional, customised parameters to BIM objects, allowing them to track new dimensions such as material cost and site planning. Finally, to capitalise even more during this phase, it is possible to link files (such as product sheets or equipment technical documents) to the corresponding elements of the BIM model. 

All the stakeholders are aligned through the Kairnial platform. The model then becomes an interactive bible of the work: 2D plans, 3D model, product documentation, everything is centralised which will limit coordination errors afterwards. Cycle de vie Kairnial présent au salon BIM World

Accurate and flexible execution monitoring  

One of the main concerns in execution for project managers and owners is to precisely track progress in line with reality. Obtaining this level of measurement in a construction project is tedious and complicated to update. This is due to the large number of participants, tasks and equipment. Above all, to achieve accurate and reliable progress of work, it is essential to be connected with the site. Thanks to the Kairnial BIM platform, contractors can monitor progress on site and directly on the model. This data is automatically compiled and provides quantitative visibility of progress. The project manager and the BIM manager must also maintain the model by ensuring its updating throughout the execution, and therefore take into account the comments of the project stakeholders, whether they come from the site or from the different design offices. In this case, the BCF format is ideal since it allows everyone to share precise annotation without modifying the parameters of the model; the issues of publishing rights are always an important issue. With the Kairnial platform you can very easily create, exchange and view BCF annotations and also compare the different revisions of the model afterwards to highlight the differences. Finally, thanks to the Revit plugin, you can update the information of the BIM model in order to obtain “as built” modelling of the work. 
Kairnial collaborative software with a view on the BIM interface on a tablet

Optimise the use of your structures 

For project ownership it is important to be able to capitalise on as much data as possible to optimise the operation of the structure. As we just saw, the use of the Kairnial platform in execution provides a complete digital model as soon as the site is finished. So once in operation, whether to schedule interventions, find equipment references or design new facilities, you can export all the data necessary for these operations from the BIM model. 

Throughout the life of the structure, the Kairnial platform allows you to optimise exchanges between the different parties and consolidate all the data in a BIM model that will follow the life of the structure. Asset information is stored in a common application that maintains the history of BIM models. Project management is optimised and operation facilitated. 

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