Cloud platforms, digital mock-ups and various software are now an integral part of the daily life of construction companies. While it is relatively easy to buy such tools, this is not always the case with deployment within the structure and their adoption by the teams. All ConTech software vendors promise benefits from the use of such platforms. Few, on the other hand, handle the deployment and ownership of software throughout the employee chain, leaving companies to go it alone. However, taking the human dimension into account in your project is essential for your success. New products will only be used if employees adhere to them and it their adoption goes smoothly. Similarly, deployment supervised by experts in the field will save you considerable time, especially if you do not have the necessary in-house skills. Do not ignore the fact that support is essential to complete your project. Here are some explanations. 

The different stages of software acquisition

When you decide to acquire new software for your business, you need to consider different factors. Firstly, you need to precisely define the problem you are facing, as well as your specific needs. Then you must indicate all the business processes you want to cover. The software must allow you to carry out your operations seamlessly, be accessible to your employees and be easy to use.  

Once you have taken stock of your expectations, you should review the offers on the market, until you find the most suitable tool and proposal for the company before making your purchase.  

However, your mission does not end there. Once the software has been purchased, you must organise its deployment. In other words, you must include it in your processes and train the various employees so that they can use it. This stage is extremely important. However, many publishers leave you to manage this part alone. 

Some companies will therefore devote time and resources until they can fully deploy the platform. Others, with less available resources, will use external service providers. And for good reason! The installation, commissioning and maintenance of software or applications are quite complex operations. You will need special skills, and sometimes additional software deployment tools.  

The efficiency of the software, its performance and its security depend on this integration. Choosing the right software deployment tools, or better still, being accompanied by experts in the field is the best way to save time and increase your productivity.  

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The importance of opting for a deployment service 

As explained earlier, when you decide to purchase new software for your business, your mission does not stop with the purchase of that software. You must then deploy it and integrate it into your working methods. Both of these actions require time, especially if you are doing it in-house. Teams will need to address this at the expense of other value-added tasks. Similarly, if they do not have thorough knowledge of the software to be installed, they will not be able to set up optimal configuration. This will then impact all the effectiveness of your tool, and subsequently, the productivity of the teams.  

Admittedly, many software programs are currently referred to as "plug and play". This option offers an implementation that requires minimum intervention. However, the whole challenge for your company consists in setting up specific customisations that adapt it to your business. How can this be achieved when no one on the team has such skills? 

At Kairnial, we're used to managing these deployments, while anticipating potential points of complexity that large companies don't necessarily think about. Note that what is perceived as a challenge by external stakeholders is, in fact, what our experts do every day. They manage the configuration of your projects by adapting to your context. This way, you save time and are sure to take full advantage of all the features of the tool you have just purchased. Of course, we also offer support that you can rely on when in doubt. 

Getting teams to adopt new software  

When deployment is finally completed, the success of your project depends on your employees. They must adopt it and use the software in the long term. It is common to hear software publishers talk about adoption of the tool. This term means that professionals must become users of the software. They have to use it on a daily basis and this has to happen smoothly, both for newcomers and for more established employees.  

Having a brand-new ultra-powerful tool is useless if users don't own it. Training employees in the new software is therefore essential. In this way, employees will be able to use it properly, without too many preconceptions and enjoy the promised benefits.  

To achieve this, you can opt for a software support service which, through a tried and tested process, will guide you in your digital transformation. At the same time, the service teams will be able to control data and access to the platform according to your needs and expectations. Likewise, they will be able to adapt digital processes to the specific uses of the different phases and teams working on-site. As a result, the company will be able to better identify areas for improvement.  

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Business support service: a significant option  

Being an expert in industry-specific software does not necessarily mean being an expert in the business itself. To have comprehensive knowledge of construction processes, you must be a stakeholder in this environment. Ideally, you should therefore take advantage of what is called business support service. However, this practice is quite rare, because in reality, the service provider that has software expertise does not always have the industry-specific expertise.  

The good news is that as Kairnial is the one-stop shop for all stakeholders in a construction project. Kairnial Group offers unique support between software and services. 

Kairnial tools facilitate collaboration between all stakeholders on the site and improve your teams’ productivity. For your part, you can better manage your business, better keep to the delivery times of your sites and even better control risks. In the same way, by working with a software publisher that has its own teams of industry experts, you provide additional security to other stakeholders, positively impacting your reputation. 

As you will have understood, software deployment is a major project that requires specific resources and skills. In order to save time and take full advantage of all the features of the tool, do not hesitate to be accompanied by a team of experts such as Kairnial.