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Why digitise all of your documents and procedures on a single platform?

Reduce risks at every stage of your project and increase the performance of your business processes through reliable information exchange and real-time monitoring of the progress of operations.



Observations and defects

Control forms


Guarantee the secure centralisation of all data during the delivery and operation of the asset. Each team will then be able to consult and collaborate on the latest versions of the documents throughout the entire life cycle.

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With BIM, ensure that all teams have a good understanding of the characteristics of an asset, throughout its life cycle, by making 2D plans and 3D models available in both the web platform and mobile applications.

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With QHSE control forms attached to objects on the 3D model or on the 2D plans, you accurately record the quality of an asset, the professionalism of the teams and improve the satisfaction of the end customer.

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Capture snags and defects throughout construction, handover and operations. Auto-assign and collaborate with relevant stakeholders to reduce their resolution time. Link observations directly to 2D Plans and/or BIM objects.

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Identify critical and maintainable equipment (and components) on any 2D plans. Enrich with asset data, link quality and compliance checks and attach all relevant documents (i.e. O&M) to provide a robust 2D digital record for use during handover, operations and deconstruction.

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Configured tools and services

Our expert team will tailor the solution to the needs of your projects. We provide both the information technology and the construction expertise to get the best from it. Our solutions are mobilised quickly, easy to use, and are backed by ongoing training and technical support.


A 360° solution aligned to your needs

Complete solution

We offer a 360° solution with 5 integrated modules that meet your needs over the lifecycle of your assets.


Our solutions are designed and built using industry best practice, standards and security protocols.


Our mobile applications are fully functional when offline allowing users to work in the most remote of locations. Data is then synchronized once a connection becomes available.



Each module of our solution can be configured to meet the needs of your specific business processes.

Ease of use

Our application consists of a clean design and has been developed with a view to making the daily life of its users easier through simple and efficient ergonomics.


All data is held within a single, shared, secure platform. All team members can collaborate, safe in the knowledge they are always working on the latest version of the information.