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Observations and defects

Structured management of defect and closeout processes

The Kairnial Observations and Defects module allows users to quickly capture all types of site observations via a standard mobile device. Observations are auto-assigned to the responsible party, each with a resolution timescale, comments and photos. Each type of observation can be managed through fully configurable resolution workflow. Centralised reporting then allows you to track the real-time status of each item, through to closeout.

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  • Capture issues directly in the field on your mobile device (even when offline)
  • Build a single centralised log of all issues
  • Manage issues to closeout through fully configurable workflows

Speed up the capture and resolution of issues

  • Graphically position observations and defects on BIM models and 2d plans.
  • Attach comments and annotated photos to provide more context.
  • Auto-assign to the responsible party with a pre-defined due date.
  • Configurable status workflows to match your required closeout processes.
Kairnial Observations and Defects module on desktop and smartphone

A consistant approach to defect capture and categorisation

  • Manage multiple types of observations (snags, client defects, hazards, etc) each with unique permissions and workflows.
  • Standardise observation descriptions for easy trend analysis.
  • Template your processes and deploy rapidly on each new project.

A centralised observation register

  • A single automated register of all issues, accessible to all stakeholders
  • Fully searchable by all associated meta-data (Type, Status, Issuer, Assigned Company,…)
  • A full audit history of all updates and changes to each observation.
Kairnial Observations and Defects module reporting

Consolidated reporting for deeper insights

  • Quickly understand the current status of each observation and who is responsible for its closure.
  • Automated statistics dashboard for performance analysis.
  • Comprehensive detailed reports including comments, photos and locations (2D plan & 3D model)

Observations fully integrated on both
BIM models
and 2D plans

Centralised observation
register accessible to all user

Full configurable workflows and permissions for each observation type

  • "We just have to sweep the plan during the construction site visit to establish observations for our sub-contractors, co-contractors or even our internal teams by giving them completion deadlines or simply objectives."


    Micha Piccirillo 

    Project manager

    Micha Piccirillo

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