Promoted by the ECP (Engineering and Capital Projects) entity, in charge of the design and the implementation of large architectural works at the ADP Group, this project, named 2BBD, was carried out thanks to the deployment of the Kairnial tool, from the reception phase through to the acceptance of the project. The Moniteur Group awarded this project the 2021 BIM d’OR trophy due to richness of this collaboration, in terms of centralisation of information, monitoring of defects and optimised mobility of staff on site.

1st Prize BIM d'or ADP and KairnialKairnial and ECP: efficient collaboration

For the ADP Group, this project involved the complete renovation of Terminal 2B and the construction of a connecting building between Terminals 2B and 2D, with a view to creating a single functional unit to improve the fluidity and comfort of passengers during baggage release and control operations. To carry out this project, ECP (Engineering and Capital Projects), an integrated engineering subsidiary of the ADP Group, used the BIM Management provided by the Kairnial solution for the deployment and administration of the tools used.

The solution proposed by Kairnial had the advantage of being capable of accompanying all phases of the construction cycle from design to execution. Whether it is the follow-up of the construction site, the handover defect list (reception), interactions on the numerous models and the implementation of quality/safety inspections, all the project’s partners were able to track these phases.

Key figures

This project covers 77,500m² in total surface area, including 50,500 m² for the renovated existing Terminal 2B and Module L, 24,500 m² for the connecting Building, 2,500 m² for the extension of Terminal 2B and 9,250 m² for the aeronautical areas.

Start of the project: July 2017

Delivery: March 2021

The tool started to be used 8 months prior to reception of the building in handover preparation
then through to the end of the lifting of defects, that is 6 months after the reception date.

Collaborative Platform Kairnial construction with observations and snags

Kairnial, the pioneer in the digitisation of ECP solutions

The main challenge in using this solution was to implement tools that would centralise, share and facilitate data analysis, but also to help the various stakeholders make decisions. The main points were the harmonisation and standardisation of methods, promoting Lean Management and agility. Thanks to these benefits, each stakeholder in the project has seen their working methods evolve by easier sharing of information at different levels. This experience has allowed the successful digitisation of work controls and snags (reception) as well as the sharing of the entirety of existing data to the different stakeholders. They emphasise time saving in their search for information and a radical optimisation of the collaboration. The intuitive aspect of the Kairnial tool therefore strongly supports the change towards greater digitisation of contractors. This tool has allowed teams in the field to use it both on the move and in the office thanks to its agile and efficient handling. “The teams in the field are satisfied with Kairnial's solutions, both in mobile and fixed mode. They find the use is agile and efficient”, comments Julie Greguor-Henault, Head of the Digitisation Department at ECP.ID, while adding:

“Kairnial is now the solution chosen by ECP or ADP Group platforms for the follow-up of construction sites. We integrate the use of Kairnial, as soon as we draft the work contracts with the contractors. The use of this tool will now be contractually required. »

About Kairnial

Kairnial offers collaborative solutions and business-specific expert services, on the one hand, to enable all construction and industry players to roll out the digital transformation of their processes and, on the other hand, to facilitate the coordination of stakeholders for the construction and operation of assets (factory, buildings, roads, and rails) throughout their life cycle (design/construction, delivery, operation, deconstruction). Kairnial is owned by Thinkproject, the European leader in SaaS solutions for smart construction. Kairnial is present in France, Switzerland, Spain, UK, Dubai, Australia and in countries covered by Thinkproject.


About propos d’ADP

The ADP Group develops and operates airports, including Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget. In 2021, the group welcomed 41.9 million passengers at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly, 2.1 million tonnes of freight and mail and nearly 118.1 million passengers through airports managed abroad. Benefiting from an exceptional geographical location and a strong catchment area, the group is pursuing a strategy to develop its reception capacities and improve the quality of its services, and intends to develop its retail and real estate activities. In 2021, the Group's revenues amounted to € 2,777 million and net income, Group share, to - € 248 million.


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