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Meeting cover

Deployment services

Your projects are configured

  • We adapt our cloud platform and its tools to your context.​
  • A ready-to-use solution that's quick to implement.
  • Ability to standardize project models reflecting the diversity of your activities.
  • The platform can adapt to the evolution of your project.

Your documents, plans and models

  • Our Documents (DMS) experts advise on the organization of your project documents.
  • Our production team processes and cuts your plans to facilitate construction site visits.
  • Our BIM experts organize the models to facilitate collaboration.

Support for users

  • A dedicated support team on a daily basis.
  • A training team.
  • A team of expert Consultants who know your business.

Launch meeting

  • Contact with the client to organize the first meeting and confirm the next steps.
  • Resource planning.

Preparation for implementation

  • Presentation and discussion around configuration matrices.
  • Collection of information and project requirements: detail of input data, definition of deliverables, internal processes, deadlines, etc.
  • Resource planning and coordination of Kairnial back-office teams

Project creation

  • Validation of the information received.
  • Parameterization and configuration of the system according to project requests.

Vérification aptitude

  • Customer verification of the configured space before opening to users.
  • Tests of parameterized elements.
  • Possible adjustments to the configuration.

Deployment to project teams

  • Training of users and administrators.
  • Support for use.