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Project Managers

Delivering projects on time and on budget while meeting the quality and compliance requirements of your client is a major challenge, especially when considering the need for coordination between the many project participants.

The Kairnial collaborative platform allows you to monitor projects throughout the entire delivery cycle, to ease collaboration between all stakeholders and to centralise all design, construction and eventual operational data, models and documents.

Digitise all stakeholder processes and connect them directly to the latest component data, documents, models and plans. Have instant access to the latest project information, anytime, anywhere and share it seamlessly with the appropriate team members to improve coordination and productivity. With our digital solution, you can provide a consistent, transparent, risk reducing approach to project delivery for your clients.

Our expertise: Digitalise your business processes and ease collaboration with all stakeholders

At a projects level

digitalise construction

Securely share the latest project information with all projects stakeholders.

A single, shared environment for all stakeholder documents, accessible in both the office and the field. Aligned to your projects’ information standards & protocols (such as ISO19650), full version control ensures users are always working on the latest revision along with an automated and transparent audit trail.




Keep track of construction progress.

Monitor the construction progress of structural components and equipment installations. Capture key milestone updates against BIM Model objects, directly in the field (even when working offline) and extract planned vs actual data for deeper insights into the current project status.


Monitor quality and compliance during delivery.

A digital approach to quality assurance and quality control, improving collaboration and reducing issue resolution timeframes. Define and manage the many control checks required to handover a safe, compliant, quality assured built asset, along with a robust set of digital compliance records.

At an enterprise level


Standardise information management across all projects you deliver.

Rapidly deploy templated protocols for structuring and securing documents, controlling and validating the naming of files and automating your review and approval processes. All within a single, centralised, collaborative platform, available to all stakeholders, on any device.


Assure the quality of your clients delivered assets.

Implement a robust, standard set of quality assurance and quality control processs across all your managed projects, improving issue transparency and reducing resolution timeframes, resulting in the delivery of safe, compliant, quality assured built assets.


Give your clients better transparency on the status of their projects.

Monitor project progress in real time and benchmark the performance of your delivery teams. Our open API toolkit allows you to integrate the Kairnial platform with your enterprise reporting tools such as PowerBI, leveraging the power of cross project data and providing actionable insights for both you and your clients.

  • “We know that the construction site will be a source of data, which we will be able to use to help decision-making but also to anticipate better.”


    Céline Bricogne

    Operational Digital Transformation Manager


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