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Specialist Contractors

Maximising the efficiency and productivity of your teams, delivering quality and complaint product installations and reducing the need for rework is critcial to the profitability of your business

The Kairnial collaborative platform gives you the tools to ensure all team members are working to the required quality and compliance standards, whilst also ensuring they are working with the latest, approved information.

Our platform allows you to digitise your QSHE and complaince processes across the lifecycle of the contracted works and connect them directly to the latest product data, documents, models and 2D plans. Give team members instant access to the latest project information, anytime, anywhere and help you deliver the quailty assured finish your clients are looking for.

Our expertise: Digitalise your business processes and ease collaboration with all stakeholders

At projects level


Securely share the latest project information and manage transparent approvals with your clients.

Centralise and simplify the structuring of project documents and make them easily accessible to all team members, even when working in the field. Manage fully auditable and transparent approval processes between you and your client and ensure delivery teams are always working to the latest revision with automated version controls.




Track the manufacturing to installation lifecycle of your products.

Digitally monitor products (components and equipment) from intial site survey, to manufacturing to final snag free installation. Capture essential asset data related to each product instance, locate them visually on plans and BIM Models. Connect all supporting documents (Specifications, O&M Manuals) and required quaility and compliance records during installation and commissiong, ready for operational use.


Ensure the quality and compliance of your contracted works.

A digital approach to quality assurance, quality control and compliance during delivery. Define, manage and track the many inspection & test control checks required to ensure the works are safe, compliant, snag free, and accompanied by a robust set of digital records.

At an enterprise level


Standardise information management protocols across all your projects.

Rapidly set up new projects using your own templates. Standardise the way you structure and share documents and automate review and approval processes with clients, in a centralised, collaborative platform, available to all team members, from any device.


Standardise quality and compliance processes across all projects you work on.

Take a consistent, digital approach to monitoring quality assurance, quality control, safety and compliance across all of your contracted works. Create a fully configurable, centralised template library of your site based QSHE processes and deploy them to projects within seconds.


Share data between other enterprise tools and Kairnial.

Make Kairnal part of your technology ecosytem. Connect seemlessly with your existing back office ERP's, Internal document management systems (i.e. sharepoint), other CDE's and enterprise business intelligence tools such as PowerBI.



  • “We know that the construction site will be a source of data, which we will be able to use to help decision-making but also to anticipate better.”


    Céline Bricogne
    Operational Digital Transformation Manager


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