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About us

Kairnial Group offers a digital platform and expert support to enable all construction and industrial asset owners and delivery teams to use digital and data as a performance lever.

Our areas of expertise are in digitising business processes, facilitating team collaboration during projects, and centralising data throughout the asset life cycle (construction, operation, deconstruction), working in collaboration with project owners, project managers, engineering teams, general contractors and technical bodies.

The group is made up of Kairnial and Intrasec (developers of digital solutions for the AEC sector), business experts Kalidoc (document and data organisation) and BatiRIM (joint venture with SUEZ for deconstruction, waste management and the circular economy).

The group is owned by Thinkproject, Europe’s leading SaaS provider in construction intelligence. Thinkproject digitalises key business processes during each phase of the asset life cycle through cutting-edge Common Data Environment (CDE), Contract Management, Budget and Forecasting, and Project Lifecycle Management solutions.

Thinkproject and the group Kairnial employ over 700 employees who support over 300,000 users and are able to deliver customers a full end-to-end digitalization of construction intelligence and processes.

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Our vision

Within Kairnial Group, we are committed to providing powerful digital solutions and supporting our clients when they seek to improve the digitalisation of their business processes, or when they wish to collaborate on projects with other stakeholders, in order to intelligently exploit the data of assets throughout their life cycle.”

Franck Meudec
CEO Group

Our values


People are at the heart of each of our decisions. A team of enthusiasts, human relations both internally and with our clients are essential and we cultivate them. We train our employees to become even better, we are committed to equality between men and women, to respect for each other and to our personal life. We grow alongside our customers on a daily basis and we are proud of it.


Innovation is our engine. It drives the energy for the development of innovative software solutions and services for our entire user community through a team of state-of-the-art developers and engineers. The quality of our developments and the value created remain our two fundamentals.

Customer Centric

Our customers are the center of our attention. Our customers must be satisfied. This value guides our strategic decisions and our operational actions.


Passion often helps move mountains. Ours is shared by our entire team and allows us to meet challenges on a daily basis and allows our clients to carry out their mission in the best possible conditions.


Trust is the basis of the relationship with all our employees, our customers and our partners. We work with respect for each other, and we build that trust over the long term.

Our teams

Founded in 2003 under the name Resolving, Kairnial offers a collaborative platform for building, infrastructure, energy or industrial projects in the design, construction, operation and deconstruction phase. With both web and mobility tools BIM, EDMS, site monitoring, inspection and equipment management capabilties.

The Owner, the General Contractors, and the Specialised Consultants/Contractors can use the platform to collaborate all together, but also to digitise their business processes. This will allow them to centralise asset data and then use it.


Listed in the Top 250 of French software vendors, Intrasec develops artificial intelligence solutions dedicated to the operation and maintenance of sites and assets for the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical, water treatment and automobile industry.

Founded around the key challenges of industry, Intrasec solutions digitise all business processes, streamline exchanges between the design office and maintenance teams, guarantee the traceability and integrity of all technical data and provide secure access for all stakeholders in the technical rooms or through mobile applications, directly on site.

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Kalidoc helps its customers to qualify their needs in terms of collaborative platform (during project delivery or the operation of assets), as well as provide the long-term support of a business expert on site, or remotely, who thus becomes the single point of reference for all stakeholders.

Governance of the project protocols, administration of the EDMS, monitoring of review and approval processes make it possible to accurately report on progress, helps facilitate the production of handover documentation, and the updating of data, in respect to the compliance of any asset.

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