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Take a unique approach to recycling resources (materials, components, equipment) in existing built assets prior to their renovation or deconstruction.

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With sustainable development regulations and the profitability of your assets at stake, Kairnial solutions allow you to identify each product, material and waste present on your projects.

An asset can change dramatically from design to deconstruction due to construction changes, customer needs after delivery, and work required during operations and maintenance. Facilitating deconstruction is closely linked to your ability from day one of your project to have a comprehensive and precise view of the details of your assets.

With the Kairnial platform deployed from the asset design phase, you have access to all related documents, descriptions, measurements, materials, teams.

This innovation helps quantify and qualify resources and flows in the context of product, material and waste diagnostics - Law of February 10, 2020 on the fight against waste and the circular economy.

Resource Information Management

  • Build a digital register of all identified recyclable resources in existing built assets.
  • Capture related 'data' for each resource such as resale costs, measurements, type categorisations.
  • Connect quality and regulatory compliance records to provide fully transparent record of traceability.
Resource Information Management
Circular Economy

Circular Economy

  • Identify equipment, components and materials that are to be decommissioned/removed or replaced.
  • Capture associated 'data' such as measurements, type, resale cost, to increase profitability of your asset over its whole lifecycle.
  • Lead materials analysis to leverage for your future projects getting more knowledge over your asset performance and materials compliance with sustainable development.


  • Perform regular diagnostics across the life cycle of your assets and capture the related regulatory compliance records in a single, centralised platform.
tower diagnostics

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