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The Infrastructure sector often has to deal with specific challenges: On site building with short time frames, whilst dealing with stakeholders and the circulation of goods. Moreover, security is crucial on the field for teams in charge of the project and even after the delivery of the project to ensure it is safe for people who will use the infrastructure after the project is completed.

Therefore preparing the work well in advance is key to optimize the time spent on the field. Monitoring the project progress and sharing it with the stakeholders involved will ensure that you meet all necessary project deadlines.

Security controls are at the heart of these projects in order to meet customer requirements but also allowing you to efficiently move forward with your project. With Kairnial platform, all stakeholders have access to your QHSE inspection forms on mobile and offline.Due to the longevity of this project, Kairnial will save you time going back-and-forth to the site and the time saved can be better allocated elsewhere to better drive your teams. 


  • Structure and connect data, documents, models and processes in a single, secure, collaborative platform.​
  • ​Ensure site teams are working with only the latest approved information.
  • Provide operational teams with a mobile digital as-built/as-installed record of the completed asset.​

Lyon Airport

Lyon, France

Lyon Airport

L2 East and North

Marseille, France

L2 East and North


  • Manage the distinct sections/zone/areas of your project independently.
  • Monitor the construction progress of structural components and critical equipment installations.​
  • ​Capture key milestone updates directly in the field and extract that data for deeper insights into a global view of the current project status.​
  • Communicate updates between the office and the site instantly.


  • Allow all project stakeholders to collaborate in a single shared environment.​
  • Define and manage all required Inspection and Test control checks during delivery.​​
  • Capture all QSHE related events and activities directly in the field (even when offline).​​
  • Handover a complete digital quality and compliance record to the operational team.​

They have digitalised their activity using Kairnial platform, what about you?

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  • Bouygues Construction
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  • Mandarin Oriental
  • Spie Batignolles
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