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A Collaborative Platform to capture, control and share built asset data.​

Access BIM Models, Plans, Data and Documents through a suite of fully integrated modules, available on any web or mobile device. ​

Our Modules cover: Document Management, BIM Management, Progress Tracking, QSHE Inspections, Defects and Equipment Management. Our solution allows all project stakeholders to digitalise key business processes and collaborate using the latest project data, across the entire asset lifecycle.

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Centralise your built asset data
During delivery, operation and deconstruction.

Optimise the way your projects are delivered with improved collaboration, increased controls and better transparency. The Kairnial platform allows you to structure and centralise all data and digitalise your progress, quality and compliance monitoring processes.

  • Design

  • Construction

  • Handover

  • Operational Use

  • Deconstruction

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Share, collaborate and review the latest 2D Plans, Models and Documents with all project stakeholders in a fully auditable, centralised environment.


Monitor progress, quality and supply chain performance during project delivery and ensure data flows seamlessly between the office and the site.


Manage information deliverables and connect components, documents, models, 2D plans and QSHE processes together to produce a powerful yet easy to use, maintainable, digital record of the built asset.

Operational Use

Ensure your operational teams have the latest plans, models, equipment data and O&M information instantly available to them when they need it most.


Identify recyclable components in your existing built assets and monitor the safety and compliance of their decomissioning and extraction.

Configure the solution to meet the requirements of each stakeholder.

Optimize project delivery through a digital platform and support services that adapt to your business needs. Kairnial tools facilitate collaboration between all stakeholders and improve the productivity of your teams. Thanks to the intuitive digitisation of your business processes, your teams have instant access to all built asset data, on any device.


  • Transparent audit trail for all decisions
  • Monitor contract deliverables
  • A mobile digital asset record
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Project Manager

  • Track project delivery
  • Monitor quality & compliance
  • Improve client satisfaction
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Main Contractor

  • Collaborate with your supply chain
  • Reduce Rework
  • Deliver a quality assured built asset
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Specialist Contractors

  • ​Manage client approvals​
  • Track equipment installations​
  • Ensure quality and compliance
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Connect and control all activities between project participants

Centralise all data in one place

Share data through integrated modules

Leverage BIM Data throughout the project lifecycle

Automate reporting and deeper insights

Digitalisation of all business processes

All stakeholders collaborate in real time on an "easy to use" platform, using integrated modules, configured to suit your operational needs.

  1. Documents

    A centralised, secure and fully configurable document management system for all stakeholders to share and collaborate on the latest project documents. Featuring: full version control, file name validations and automated workflows.

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  2. BIM

    An advanced BIM (Building Information Modelling) ‘engine’, allowing and all stakeholders to collaborate on any device, using the latest shared discipline models, without the need for additional software.

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  3. Observations and defects

    Capture any identified issues (snags, defects, hazards, etc) directly in the field and collaboratively manage them through to closeout using fully configurable workflows.

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  4. Control forms

    Standardise and digitalise your quality & compliance management processes and make them available in the field, even when offline.

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  5. Equipment

    Define and capture ‘data’, compliance and commissioning checks against equipment and components, during construction or on existing built assets.

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  • "We chose to integrate Kairnial into all of our BIM projects to give a collaborative tool to our employees who do not necessarily have training in modelling software."


    Hélène Lioussou
    BIM project manager

  • “We acquired this tool from the execution phase at first and then we established it from the design phase of a project until the after-sales phase.”


    Remi Boulangé
    Execution designer within the BE Structure

    Rémi Boulangé
  • “We use the Kairnial platform as a communication tool with the contracting authorities to be able to compile and assemble all these models and to be able to communicate with our contracting authorities on the various aspects of the project and the connections that there may be between the different parts with the viewer integrated on the platform. ”


    Céline Bricogne
    Operational Digital Transformation Manager