ISMS covers all software products, business processes, and locations. 

Munich, XX September 2023 - Thinkproject, the leading European SaaS provider of solutions for the construction industry, has expanded its certification for its comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS). In late July 2023, auditors from TÜV Rheinland certified the French Thinkproject sites in Paris and Lyon, as well as the mobile Building Information Modelling (BIM) software KAIRNIAL, according to the strict ISMS requirements of ISO/IEC 27001. As a European company, protecting customer data is a top priority for Thinkproject and with ISO27001 certification, it meets the highest information security standards. 

Last year, Thinkproject acquired the French Kairnial Group with its BIM solution. The expanded certification now confirms that Thinkproject's multi-scope ISMS covers all products, locations, and processes. This means that Thinkproject customers can be confident that they will receive all Thinkproject products with information security that meets ISO/IEC 27001 requirements at both the Paris and Lyon locations in France. Conversely, Thinkproject customers outside of France can now be assured that this mobile BIM solution complies with all requirements of an ISO-certified ISMS. 

Expansion of Thinkproject ISMS certified within a few months 

"We have always considered information security as one of our central tasks," explains Dr. Ralf Hundhammer, CTO of Thinkproject. "We prioritised ISO certification for our French sites and the mobile BIM solution because customers rightly demand such certification more and more, both in the German-speaking region and in France. In March, we decided to get the expanded scope certified. Completing the corresponding audit within such a short time frame, until July, was certainly a challenge for us. But the fact that this expanded ISMS certification was possible so quickly and smoothly is also due to the high priority we place on information security. This allowed us to use our existing ISMS blueprint for the expansion. Because we have already established the technical and personnel requirements, as well as the necessary security measures and guidelines at Thinkproject years ago, expanding our ISO/IEC 27001 certification to include French sites and the new product only took a few months - not an entire year." 

The expanded scope of the Thinkproject ISMS 

On the scope expansion, a French language version of the Information Security Policy has been created in addition to the English version. The Information Security Policy can be accessed here. Thanks to this expansion, Thinkproject's ISO-certified ISMS now comprehensively covers all relevant categories: locations, products, and processes. 

The locations covered by Thinkproject's ISMS are: 

  • Germany: Berlin, Munich, Würzburg, and Wuppertal 
  • Austria: Neumarkt 
  • Switzerland: Zurich 
  • France: Lyon and Paris 
  • The Netherlands: Utrecht 
  • Spain: Madrid 
  • The UK: Gloucester 
  • New Zealand: Auckland 

The products covered by Thinkproject's ISMS are CEMAR, CONCLUDE CDE, DESITE BIM, EPLASS CDE, KARINIAL, RAMM, TP CDE and TP CONTROL. 

The processes covered by Thinkproject's ISMS include product management, software development including testing, professional services, operations management, quality management as well as marketing finance and administration. 

About Thinkproject 

Thinkproject is Europe's leading SaaS provider for Construction Intelligence solutions. The combination of practical experience and the intelligent use of data creates a decisive competitive advantage for customers. Thinkproject is thus at the forefront of digitization and transformation in the AECO industry. With +700 employees worldwide, Thinkproject provides 3,250 customers and more than 300,000 users in over 60 countries with digital solutions that span the entire construction project lifecycle.  

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