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Centralise and share your project documents 

The kairnial Documents module adapts to support your document management needs across the entire design, construct, handover, operate, deconstruct lifecycle of each built asset. It ensures that all stakeholders can securely share and access the latest project data whilst providing controls, collaboration and a fully transparent audit history. 

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  • Securing and disseminating information
  • Collaborative reviews and approvals
  • Digital handover records

Easily access information and increase your productivity 

  • Fully configure your required folder structure. 
  • Manage folder permissions by group / role. 
  • Search using keywords or any element of a file’s naming convention. 

Control and share your files 

  • Can be configured to check and validate file names against any required naming convention (i.e. BS1192 / ISO19650). 
  • All files are subject to automated version control and all revisions are retained. 
  • Share files with none Kairnial users, outside the platform. 


Optimise and track the lifecycle of documents 

  • Create a list of information deliverables and track submission progress. 
  • Pre-configured review and approval processes can be applied to files automatically on upload 
  • Manage collaborative reviews agaisnt documents and track the status of each comment through to closeout. 

Transparency of all activites 

  • A full audit trail of actions agaisnt each file. 
  • Automatically generate statistics to view delivery and approvals progress. 
  • Automated notifications of newly uploaded files and outstanding actions. 


Unlimited data storage

Self administration

Generate ‘live’ statistics 

  • "There is also the document validation circuit. This allows us first of all to distribute our plans on the EDM, the site will first validate them to us so we can see it directly from the web interface. Then we can follow the visas of the architect, the project manager, the control offices and respond to their visas directly from the platform, which is a real time saver."

    Rémi Boulagé
    Execution designer in BE Structure

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