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Control forms

Digitalise your 
QSHE processes 

The Kairnial collaborative platform allows you to standardise and centralise your QSHE and compliance processes. Fully configurable data capture forms are made available to inspection teams via their mobile device. Forms can be connected to locations, equipment and components on both 2d plans and in the BIM model to build a robust digital quality and compliance record for the delivered asset. 

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  • Digitalise and standardise quality inspections
  • Conduct health and safety audits across your site(s)
  • Monitor and record all required commissioning checks

A quality assured, compliant delivery 

  • Manage forms through confiigurable review, approval and close-out workflows.  
  • Graphically position forms agaisnt systems/equipment in BIM models and locations in 2D plans 
  • Attach reference documents, comments and annotatons to provide more context around non-complaint control checks 
  • Raise follow up actions (observations) against failed controls. 




Standardised quality management 
across all your projects 

  • Digitise your site visits, quality, compliance, test and commissiong inspection check sheets. 
  • Create a secure template library allowing you to rapidly deploy a standard set of processes on all new projects 
  • Add security to forms to ensure only relevant parties have access to the information you want them to see 
  • Make all process forms available on your standard mobile devices, in the field, with no internet connection 

Consolidated reporting 

  • Generate and share reports consolidating all the controls carried out on each project. 
  • Instantly see the gaps between your actual and theoretical advancements. 
  • Access all form data via API and connect with your business intellegence tools such as powerbi. 

Capture quality and compliance record data directly in the field, even when working offline

Connect quality control checks directly to the equipment and components in the BIM Model

Extract all captured data via excel or API


  • "We will give to our employees the possibility of using the model to carry out their site inspections or to carry out their OPRs. We are also going to deploy other uses that are a little more experimental but which always go in the direction of improving production and control of deadlines via this platform. "

    Sihem Amokrane
    BIM Manager

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