In this case study, Technip Energies explains how the expertise of the Kairnial collaborative platform has enabled them to successfully complete all phases of their construction projects and save time in their business processes.

Technip Energies sees a 20% time saving on reporting activities with Kairnial.

Marick PARIS-CADET, Field Engineering Manager Deputy at Technip Energies, explains in this case study how the Kairnial solution has facilitated the works monitoring of construction projects by making collaboration between all project stakeholders more fluid.

The benefits noted by Technip Energies:

  • Quickly operational platform thanks to a strong reactivity of Kairnial's Customer Service teams
  • Efficient adoption thanks to the training of 10 internal champions from all professions: Quality Inspector, Construction Supervisor, Technical Lead, Commissioning, HSE and Planning
  • Integration with internal tools already used by Technip Energies
  • Centralization and traceability of all project information on drawings and the 3D BIM model


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